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Breed Society information

Subscription fees

Large breeder membership (more than 100 sheep): £30
Small breeder membership (less than 100 sheep): £25
Non registering membership: £20
Under 16 membership: £10
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Registering Fees

If you wish to register your Dalesbred sheep then please read the appropriate section of the rules and contact the breed Secretary, the prices are as follows:

Shearling Ram: £8.00
Ram Lamb: £4.00
Gimmer shearlings: £0.30p

Please note:
The ram lambs are inspected and given a tag which has their own individual number and owners flock number on them.  They are inspected as shearlings and registered to be sold at the sales in the autumn. Ewes are also registered as gimmer shearlings. All the rams are registered  and their pedigrees MUST be included in a flock book which is produced annually. The number of ewes registered to each member is also included.