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In 1925 the Swaledale and the Dalesbred Sheep Breeders' Association' split to become two separate associations.  They each went their separate ways to breed sheep with different breed specifications. Their ability to withstand the harsh weather conditions and to breed and rear their lambs on the high dales hills was to remain the same.

The first annual meeting of the Dalesbred Sheep Breeders' Association was not until 1946.  It was held at the Black Horse Hotel in Hellifield on the 30th May at 3pm.  Present were the chairman Mr SJ Verity and 35 members.   President Mr WD Roberts from Kilnsey.  Vice Presidents were invited and a committee of management was elected.  They were as follows:

Elected to serve three years:
Messrs G Eglin, M Bradley, T Robinson, G Staveley, A Carr, F Campbell, JW Coates, J Middleton, L Woodrup & JL Maisters.

Elected to serve two years:
Messrs V Verity, JR Fawcett, JR Thwaite, F Verity, JL Batty, W Willan, WE Foster, FD Handley, Ed Huddleston, W Dobson & R Pratt.

Elected to serve one year:
Messrs HJ Bargh, W Robinson, W Scarr, J Heseltine, E Willan, J Sunter, R Wallbank, RA Fawcett, JJ Huck & J Mellin.

Many of the families involved so long ago are still very active members today.
“ Mr F Campbell moved and Mr A Carr seconded a motion that there be two inspectors each for the North, South, East and West portions of the district covered by the Association and that they be paid £3 each to cover expenses. After discussion the motion was carried unanimously.
Mr F Campbell and Mr JW Coates were appointed to cover the Western portion, Mr JL Batty and Mr HJ Bargh the Northern portion. Mr V Verity and Mr S Harrison the Southern portion, Mr W Scarr and Mr R Pratt the Eastern area and the Forest of Bowland area Messrs Willan Bros. It was left to the inspectors to appoint their own deputies.”

There was to be a show and sale of rams at Hellifield Auction Mart on the Monday October 7th. Judges were appointed for both the large and small breeders classes. 30 shillings was to be given for a first and second prize Dalesbred sheep class at any agricultural show within the area covered by the association. The classes to be as follows.